Can we have a candid conversation about the technology industry? Most of us live and breathe technology everyday. From integration of technology into our everyday lives to the career paths we take, technology has become a foundation for everything we do.

But can we recognize something that we all know to be true, but seem unwilling to accept or at the very least acknowledge? In the technology industry we are constantly finding new ways to do the same thing and calling it something different. From a marketing perspective this is great, but from an architecture perspective this can be problematic.

There are two things that have really contributed to Apache Kafka’s success as a messaging and streaming platform. First, it is extremely scalable and allows for dynamic growth for data distribution. This has been at the core of what Kafka was designed for from the very beginning, providing the ability to scale up a cluster of nodes to allow for increased message throughput on demand. The second is that Apache Kafka has been built by and for the developer. Having a developer-first approach allows Kafka to be tweaked, tuned and used in ways that would not have been originally imagined.

William Mclane

Messaging Evangelist, with a background in Computer Science and Communications working on messaging and streaming communication for over 20 years.

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